Servicio PBX & VOIP de Nanobytes

The systems that connects calls within the same company and a connection for calls to and from abroad.

Conecte un número de teléfono determinado para poder hacer llamadas entre sí, e incluso podrá conectar a un proveedor de VoIP o a una RDSI.

Asterisk: The professional PBX

Asterisk es un sistema de centralita IP líder mundial en plataformas de telefonía de código abierto. Es utilizado por empresas de todos los tamaños para mejorar su comunicación, incluyendo por ejemplo a Google e IBM.

Traditional telephone systems requiere expensive hardware installations, but Asterisk introduces significant software updates and improvements every year, so with minimal maintenance of your asterisk control unit, you will always have an updated system without the need to constantly renew your equipment.

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With Asterisk, you can make configurations such as:


Create extensions for your users


Manage a large number of calls

Follow Me

Transfers your calls to be located


Configure your autoresponder

PIN Sets

Restrict the use of outgoing calls


Play sounds in your call flow


Connect with your suppliers


Create groups extensions

Time Groups

Configure time lapses


Join several extensions and calls

Inbound routes

Choose the destinations of your incoming calls

Outbound routes

Redirect your calls through trunks

And many more!

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Call for your phone

The user makes the usual use when they make the call.

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Turn the voice into data

Advanced technology that digitizes the voice and transmits it without loss of quality.

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Enjoy advantages

This allows to transmit the information by multiple devices, flexibility and apply extra services.

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Flexibility and mobility

25 .00

/ month
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB of RAM memory
  • 10 GB of hard disk
  • Administration service