Creating a personalized experience for your audience is no longer an insurmountable goal. Mautic gives marketing teams unrivaled flexibility to create the simplest to the most elaborate multi-channel campaigns. Couple that with dynamic content within messages and on your website, and in a few simple steps you can take a smarter approach to your communications, be more creative and drive deeper relationships with your customers.

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Painless campaign execution for your entire team.

With Mautic, it’s easier than ever to build email nurture campaigns, personalize messages, execute A/B tests and measure results. It simplifies marketing automation for everyone on your team, eliminating the need for dedicated, certified staff to execute your campaigns.

Open marketing automation means easy integration.

Mautic is the only open marketing automation solution that easily plugs into the tools in your environment, gives you full ownership over your data and has the flexibility change with your business. The result is unparalleled use of data across all of your systems to maximize communications to your audience in the way they want to hear from you.


Email marketing

Email marketing is still core to the digital marketer’s toolset, but with higher standards for content relevance and mobile readiness.

Website tracking

Turn your website into your most valuable asset by using website tracking to get to know your visitors better.

Landing pages

Easily customize individual landing pages for each initiative with tailored content and style optimized for your target audience.

Automated campaigns

Automated campaigns give you the power to create a personalized experience for your prospects and customers at scale.

Comunicación multicanal

Construya relaciones más sólidas y la participación de futuros clientes utilizando su canal de comunicación preferido

Progressive profiling

Learn a little more about your contacts each time they visit your site
and fill out a form.

Lead scoring

Implement scoring and guide your audience to the most useful information within each of the different buying cycle stages.

Third-party integrations

Open source and open APIs means freedom to connect Mautic to all of your business-critical technology solutions.

Dynamic content

Dynamically present relevant content on your website to your audience when they’re actively engaged.

Contact management

Build a marketing database for all of your contacts with full demographic and behavioral information that enables you to build smarter campaigns.

Ccount-based Marketing

Make your account-based marketing strategy a reality with visibility across each contact at the account level.

Reporting and attribution

Turn your knowledge into power with simple but powerful reporting and attribution tools.

Odoo • Image and Text
Odoo • Image and Text